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The 17 Day Diet is the last diet you'll go on!

Really, the 17 Day Diet will be the last "diet" you'll ever go on...

Think I’m pulling your leg?

You see, I know you’ve got a gazillion things on your plate, so there’s no need to waste another second on:

  • Sheepishly asking the store clerk if that sexy shirt comes in any other size besides small.
  • Gazing into your closet full of clothes that are too narrow in the hips, too snug in the arms and too tight to button up.
  • Saying “this time I’m going to lose the weight” right before you give in to that slice of chocolate cake that’s been staring at you for the past 2 hours.
  • Wondering how in the heck you ended up here – it’s depressing, humiliating and fuels insecurities.

I totally get it!

Hi, I'm Torey and the founder of My 17 Day Diet Blog. 

Low-carb, no-carb, shakes, juice cleanse – I tried ‘em all (and failed).

I'd lose 5 to10 pounds, and still I couldn’t beat the sugar cravings and hunger pains. Then I tried the 17 Day Diet and my world opened up. Finally, a diet – NO, more like a lifestyle – and one that I could live with.

The pounds melted away, my energy skyrocketed and I finally felt comfortable in my skin. There was only one problem...

There's only so much chicken and green beans a girl can eat!

My taste buds, family & wallet were screaming for change.

Then I created...​

Simple N' Lean 17

My done-for-you, no thinking required complete meal plan for the 17 Day Diet.

With Simple N' Lean 17 you'll...

  • Jumpstart your weight loss with a bang
  • Jolt your tastebuds with a variety of scrumptious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Conquer your sweet tooth
  • Shave inches off your waste and hours off planning, shopping and prepping your meals
Simple N' Lean 17 Meal Plan for the 17 Day Diet

I'm on Cycle 1 and am about half-way through and down 6 lbs. The recipes from Simple and Lean have been most helpful. They give me good things to look forward to eating. Lots of flavor!!!!


Remember me? By my 85th day of the 17 Day Diet, I had lost 44.5 pounds. I’ve not strayed…. and wanted to update you.

Since then, I’ve continued my journey with the 17 Day Diet as my inspiration. I still use its core principles every single day… the warm lemon water in the morning, the 2 probiotics daily, the 2 fruits a day in the afternoon, the lean protein and cleansing vegetables, and from time to time, the allowed carbs. I get in my minimum of 17 minutes a day of exercise, and I’m VERY happy to say that I’m now down 122 pounds!


Simple N' Lean 17 virtually guarantees that this time WILL BE the last time a diet doesn't work, regardless of how busy you are.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll receive with Simple N' Lean 17:

Simple N' Lean 17 - Enhanced

Simple N' Lean 17 Meal Plan for the 17 Day Diet

With the enhanced meal plan, you receive instant access to:

  • Quick Start Guide with all 17 Day Diet Cycle Foods Lists (and more)
  • Daily Meal Plans for Cycles 1 -3 including breakfast, lunch and dinner - that's a total of 51 days of meal plans for a total of 153 meals!
  • Delicious Low-Carb Recipes (70+)
  • Shopping Lists for Cycles 1 - 3 that correspond to your menus

Yours today for only



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I have lost 102 pounds, and I have only 8 pounds left to reach my goal. Dropping these last few pounds have been the hardest, but I know I will do it. I sing the praises of this diet to anyone who asked me how I did it! Anyone reading this … if you stick to it, and it really can be done, you too can be at your goal!


I have tried lots of diet programs that have been out on the market over the years – Walk Away the Pounds, Richard Simons, Stop the Insanity, Beach Body Makeover, etc. and I thought, why not try one more.

Over the years, I would lose weight and then gain back a bit more than what I lost. This cycle continued over and over again. As a health professional, I understood the ramifications of being overweight, but I needed to empower myself to get going on a new path. Last August was the final straw. I had outgrown my size 18 jeans, and while headed to the women’s plus size clothing section, I looked in the dressing room mirror and said “No.” I was not going to buy one more new size in clothing. I had a closet filled with items from size 10 to size 18, and I refused to buy anything else.



For a very limited time, when you grab this special offer, you’ll also receive the Fast-Action Belly-Busting Bonuses worth $81 – all for the hefty price of FREE.

Just look at all these scrumptious goodies:​



Simply Me Digital Journal

($27 Value)

Keep track of your daily food and water intake, set goals, and use other fun prompts within the journal to help you stay on track! This is a fillable PDF file.



Create Your Own Custom Smoothie

($27 Value)

In this e-guide, get all magic formula for the perfect smoothie, along with a list of improved ingredients and recipe cards to keep track of your custom creations!



Weekly Fitness Tracker

($27 Value)

Track your weekly fitness activities and goals in this fillable PDF tracker. Each week you're met with an inspirational message to keep you going!


When you purchase Simple N' Lean 17, you'll get FREE access to my Summer Slim Down Challenge happening in July! 

That's right - I'm hosting a full 51-day (Cycles 1-3) challenge during the summer to help you stay on track!

When you purchase Simple N' Lean 17, you'll get access to the following:

:: FREE access to my Summer Slim Down Challenge - July 13th - September 1st (this is normally be a paid challenge)

:: Private FB Community for the Challenge (access to group starts in July)

:: Daily Accountability + Support

::Special Daily Activities to keep you motivated and on track

::You may join the challenge anytime after 7/13 and on any cycle (you don't need to be on C1 when we start)


Try the meal planning kit and, if by chance, you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 7 days. You’ll get your money back no questions asked.

xoxo Torey Lynn​

OK, let's do a quick recap of

Simple N' Lean 17
Simple N' Lean 17 Meal Plan for the 17 Day Diet

With the Simple N' Lean 17 Enhanced Option, it has everything you need to succeed with your weight loss including:

  • Quick Start Guide with all 17 Day Diet Cycle Foods Lists (and more)
  • Meal Plans including menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 17 days of each cycle so you know what to eat and when (that's 51 days of meal plans for a total of 153 meals!!)
  • Delicious Low-Carb Recipes (70+) including dinner recipes your family will love (even if they're not on a diet!)
  • Grocery Shopping Lists for all Cycles that correspond with your menus and recipes (this will save you a TON of time because I've already done all the work for you!)
  • All PDF files are formatted to print or view from your computer or mobile device
  • Super-Duper Print Friendly version is also available to help you save on ink (all text, no images or color)

Plus, if you act quickly, you'll get access to the 3 FREE bonus gifts!

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Quick shout out to Torey Lynn's "Simple and Lean 17" plan. So this is my second go around on this 17DD journey. I lost 18lbs on the first and my husband lost 30lbs! I still want to lose a bit more weight so I jumped right back into a second round but this time I'm trying to manage the recipes and plans on my own - and its SO MUCH HARDER!

The Simple and Lean 17 plan provided us with meal plans, recipes for each meal for each day and even weekly shopping lists. It was like a road map to this complex new journey and it is amazing and was worth every penny. Now that I'm trying to do it on my own, I find that I just can't come up with good meal ideas quickly on my own - I default to "chicken with salad" repeatedly and then get sick of chicken.

The Simple and Lean 17 plan does all of the thinking for me so all I have to do is stay focused, motivated and follow the steps and delicious recipes - its AWESOME!!! My husband loves to cook and is a bit of a critic but he too loved all of the recipes and meals and we both learned a TON from all of the recipes. I'm C1D13, round 2, and back to eating straight from the plan. Thanks, Torey Lynn!


What happens next and how do I purchase? 

  • STEP 1: To get your Simple N' Lean 17 meal plan and bonus gifts, click on a pink purchase button
  • STEP 2: You'll be directed to a secure payment checkout page where you'll enter your email address and payment details
  • STEP 3: You'll receive an email from me with your username and password to use to access your meal plan
  • STEP 4: You'll be automatically directed to the download page inside the private member area where your meal plan is waiting for you

Are you ready to transform your life?

After using Simple N' Lean 17 as your road map, you will:

  • Have more energy so you can keep up with your kids' schedule (or grandkids!)
  • Wake up each morning without an alarm clock because you slept through the night!
  • Pull on those jeans seamlessly WITHOUT having to lie on the bed to zip them up!
  • Pass by the mirror and actually LOVE who you see staring back at you!
  • Have a more loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself AND your spouse!

Are you ready to live the life you're meant to live?

Yours today for only


(regular price $99).


Try the meal planning kit and, if by chance, you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 7 days. You’ll get your money back no questions asked.

xoxo Torey Lynn​

Are you ready to get started? Let's do this!

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Simple N Lean 17 - Enhanced (Elite Bonus)

With the Simple N' Lean Enhanced Meal Plan, you're going to save a ton of time, stay motivated with delicious recipes, and lose weight because I've done most the work for you!

Say hello to more "me time"!! Yahoo!

Your complete 51-day meal plan includes menus + recipes + grocery lists for breakfast, lunch and dinner (that's a total of 153 meals planned out for you).

Plus, you get your FREE Bonus gifts, too!

Talk about a no-brainer! You in?


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