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Lose Weight & Feel Whole Again with a Plant-Powered Meal Plan for the 17 Day Diet

Do any of these sound like you?
  • You enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, but you want more variety besides the overly processed meat substitutes and your body is craving real, whole food, but you're not sure where to start.
  • You're ready for a change and hoping a plant-based meal plan will give you more energy, improve digestion and help you lose weight.
  • You're a meat eater at heart, but the thought of eating another piece of dried chicken makes it difficult for you to stay on track, so you're looking for a change in dinner plans.
I totally get it!

Hi, I'm Torey and the creator of Simply Veggie and founder of My 17 Day Diet Blog. I know how much meat can weigh you down. A plant-based lifestyle is a great way to enjoy what our mother earth has to offer!

However, it can be so difficult to come up with new and fun ideas for dinner time that are healthy, whole foods rather than the yucky highly-processed fake stuff that is supposed to trick our bodies into thinking we're eating beef, chicken or turkey. YUCK!

Just this year I started incorporating plant-based recipes into my meal plans for more variety, a break from heavy and hard-to-digest meat, and more options other than chicken! It was then that Simply Veggie was born!

The Simply Veggie Meal Plan will give you....

A whole-foods approach to plant-based eating with yummy and easy-to-make recipes for dinner time

More energy, a clear mind, improved digestion and a jumpstart to losing a dress size (or more!)

Variety at dinner time so you don't have to think about what to plan for your next meal.... YIPPEE!

Really, NOW imagine this:
  • Goodbye brain fog and hello waking up each morning with a clear mind and endless energy to get you through your day!
  • Whole foods that lift you up and don't weigh you down (goodbye belly bloat and hello smaller dress size!).
  • Say hello to your life! YES!! You save a ton of time and frustration surfing the interwebs looking for 17 Day Diet-friendly vegetarian meals because it's all laid out for you in a organized 4-week dinner meal plan with shopping lists. YES YES!! 

It really is possible and Simply Veggie will give these to you and then some!


The Simply Veggie Meal Plan features:

:: 4 Weeks of Plant-Based Dinner Meal Plans specifically created for all cycles of the 17 Day Diet with protein sources based on legumes such as a variety of beans, lentils, chickpeas and some tofu

:: Easy-to-make plant-based recipes (20 recipes total) Click here to see a sneak peek of the menu

:: Prep Guide for each week to help you save a bit of time in the kitchen

:: A shopping list for each week so your trip to the store is quick and precise

The Simply Veggie Meal Plan is:

:: 100% plant-based and most recipes are Vegan, or Vegan substitutes (cheese and eggs) may be used to make the recipe 100% Vegan

:: Cycle 1 Friendly for the 17 Day Diet

:: 100% digital

:: Printable

:: Accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile device

Purchase Simply Veggie today and receive... 

Instant Access to:

  • A 4-Week Dinner Meal Plan Complete with...
  • Plant-Powered Recipes (20 total)
  • A Weekly Prep Guide
  • A Weekly Shopping List
  • Lifetime Updates!

One-time Payment of ...



I understand this is a 100% digital product and I will not be receiving anything in the mail.


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  • 8 Eggcellent Recipes Powered by Eggs to give you a bit more variety
  • 100% Digital
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Elite Bonus #2

Simple Sides Recipe Book 

Receive Instant Access to:

  • 28 Plant-Based Recipes straight from my Yummy! recipe book, blog and a few new recipes including soups, salads and veggie side dishes for all cycles of the 17 Day Diet
  • 100% Digital
  • Formatted to print

 Value ($27)

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Try Simply Veggie, and if by chance, you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply request a refund within 7 days. You’ll get your money back no questions asked.

xoxo Torey Lynn


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