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Are you ready to stay on track this Summer?

Now’s the perfect time to get a head start on your weight loss goals so you can have more energy, better sleep and more fun in the sun feeling comfortable again in your own skin! YAHOO!

Have no fear – help is on the way!


The Fresh & Clean 17 Summer Meal Plan is perfect if you’re looking to…

Lose Up to 10 pounds (or more)in your first 17 days…

Have Better Sleep + More Energy During the Day…

And Reap all the AMAZING Benefits of Better Health!

Are You Ready For a Smaller Size?

When You Purchase the Fresh & Clean 17 Cycle 1 Meal Plan, You’ll Receive Instant Access to the following:

  • A 17 Day Summer Cleanse Cycle 1 Meal Plan including menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • Yummy Recipes (28+)
  • A Prep Guide
  • A Weekly Shopping List
  • A Daily Progress Tracker
  • 12-Week Fitness Tracker

I’m REALLY excited for you to try the Fresh & Clean 17 Cycle 1 Meal Plan…

Imagine eating your way to healthy with these cleanse meals:

  • Belly-busting Smoothies
  • Yummy Stir Fry Dishes
  • Detoxifying + Immune Boosting Soup
  • Breakfast Bento Boxes
  • Delicious Spring Bowls for Lunch
  • Family Friendly Dinners (so you’re only making one meal for everyone!)

Here are days 1-7

Here are days 8-13

Finally, here are days 14-17

Still Need Convincing?

Check Out These Results From Previous Members In Their Very First 7 Days….

Patti K.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Day 8 and happy to report down 8.2 lbs. woo hoo!!

Vira H.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Down 5 lbs and clothes are feeling looser so I’m happy!

Karen A.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Down 5.8 as of this morning. Haven’t measured yet, but my jeans felt better yesterday.

Kate T.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

I am down 10 pounds. I’m super happy! 

Anne B.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

I’m down 5 since the start! I can’t believe it!

Barb B.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Down 4 pounds! Plan, prep, focus (kind way of saying don’t cheat) and repeat!

Katherine L.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Down 5 pounds! So happy, looking forward to the second week. Food menus have been my lifesaver. Your support is fundamental.

Joan M.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

I’ve lost 3.4 pounds this week and feel less bloated. 

Donna J.
Fresh & Clean 17 Member

Down 4.4! Loving all of the recipes!

Now Imagine YOUR results for the ENTIRE 17 Days! Ready to do this?

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Fresh & Clean 17 comes with a 7-Day “No questions asked” money back guarantee! If for some reason you’re not satisfied, send me a quick email and I’ll refund your purchase! 

xoxo Torey Lynn,